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This book takes you an unforgettable journey to Thailand through the eyes of Somjai Reiss, a unique artist whose remarkable portrayals of Thailife and culture captivate everyone who discovers them.

Somjai's vivid yet soft watercolours flow like musical note in an orchestra, simultaneously complementing and contrasting one another to create a grand and unique body of art. Each paintings is rich in its imagery and mood yet realistic and accurate in its depiction of Thailand.
In this book, Somjai presents 130
paintings based on the following themes :

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Temples and Pagodas: These majestic, ancient structures, symbols of faith and religion, portray the rich Buddhist culture and history of Thailand. In scenes of temple grounds, Somjai evokes a sense of beauty and serenity as seen in such paintings as The Peaceful Temple Grounds at Wat Po and Temple Life. Other paintings take you back to Thailand's past though the ancient pagodas of the Sukhothai and Ayutthaya periods.

Marketplaces: For many Thais, daily life begins and ends in the market. The transition that takes place every day beginning at dawn and ending with the commotion of the late evening reveals these fascinating places from a variety of viewpoints. The paintings capture the rays of the sun, the swarms of the boats in the floating markets, the spicy delicacies on sale, and the colourful personalities of fishmongers and silk-dealers.

Festivals: Festivals bring to light the joyous and celebratory nature of the people of Thailand. One of the most glorious of all Thai festivals was the occasion on which the people of Thailand celebrate and paid their respects to His Majesty the King during the event of His Majesty's Birthday and Jubilee. Somjai shows us this special occasion in all its magnificence, as well as such other festivities as the lantern dance and the Khon (monkey) mask dance.

Scenery: An unforgettable aspect of Thailand is her beautiful scenery. In Somjai's paintings we see simple hard-working people in villagea adn farmers tending to their rice harvests in the fields. We are also treated to sunsets from the beaches of southern Thailand and floral displays in exhilarating profusion of colour.

So let the journey begin, Start by opening the pages of this extraordinary new book and allowing Somjai's artistic vision to be your guide to her beloved Thailand.

Somjai weaves a captivating story with her paintings, a story of a special country, a country very close to her heart , a country with a long history of time-honoured traditionals, a country with a very rich culture. The paintings in this book are as special as their subject matter, painted by an artist unique in her style and presentation, "My Beloved Thailand" is a timeless masterpiece, a magnificent portfolio of stunning paintings which capture the very essence of Thailand in the lifestyles and culture of the Thai people, created superbly by one of Thailand's foremost contemporary artists.

Part of the proceeds will be donated to the Chaipattana Foundation under the patronage of His Majesty the King of Thailand.


This book contains a selection of 34 watercolor paintings Somjai Reiss has created over a period of 6 years. In celebration of the 60th anniversary of

King Bhumibol Adulyadej's accession to the throne, the book has been dedicated to His Majejesty the King of Thailand. His Majesty is a source of inspiration for all Thai people through his contributions and unwavering commitment to the welfare of the people of Thailand. The book celebrates Thailand's charm and beauty and serves as a reminder of the richness of Thailand's culture.

Price excluding postage Thai Baht 590.00
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The Pagoda of  Nakorn Pathom
Page 23
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Fish Maw Soup down the Lane
Page 95
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Happy Valentine's Day
Page 177

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Rice Harvest
Page 126-127
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Morning Delivery
Page 119
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Lop Buri Lantern Dance
Page 138-139

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Returning Home
Page 154-155
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A Fishing Village at Krabi
Page 164-165
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Boat Villagers at Klong Rangsit
Page 72-73

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